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Scooter Accident Repair

As scooterists we are a vulnerable bunch and are prone to more than our fair share of bike accidents and damage to our scooters.  Accidents of any kind are never a nice thing to deal with. If you want to ensure yourself the best repair possible for your bike at a realistic price and to exceptional quality then we believe we are one of the best (and so do our customers).


It May Well Not Need To Be Written Off

These days many scooter dealers and insurers are all too keen to "write off" your scooter for even minor damage and that is very often unnecessary.  Insurance claims are never easy to deal with, however, with our expertise we can give a realistic appraisal of your bike damage and make recommendations as to what you and your insurers should be doing in order to get your original bike back on the road as soon as possible.


We Are Able To Do Any Insurance Work

It is important for you to know that you are in no way obliged to go to the repair shop that your insurance company suggest - they are just interested in the lowest price, not the highest quality (often we offer both).  They also have deals with many repairers meaning it is more in their interest than yours to use who they recommend.


We can carry out work for ANY insurance company and we are happy to deal direct with them on your behalf and we are acting only in your interest.


Any small accident can quickly escalate into months of negotiation with difficult insurance companies who just seem to want to write off your bike etc.  If you need help with any aspect of your claim then we can recommend Lampkin & Co Solicitors who we work with regularly undertaking work for their clients. 


We Are 100% Scooter Accident Specailists

As we only deal with Piaggio Vespa and Lambretta scooters we are able to strip and re-build them better and faster than any other scooter accident repair business and are able to source original and rare parts from our suppliers across Europe with just a few day's notice.


Whether it is a modern twist and go scooter or a geared Italian vintage scooter, as soon as you walk through our doors you will realise you have brought your bike to the right place for a repair.


Write This Number Down - 020 8881 7252

Add our number to your mobile phone just in case you ever need to call us.  We offer impartial advice and can help with recovery of your bike and mechanical as well as cosmetic repairs.


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